Golden Globe Awards 2015: Best Dressed Men

Take a look at the crazy handsome men that stole the spotlight at the first red carpet of this year. Even though the red carpet fashion media focuses more on the gorgeous ladies, these gentlemen certainly managed to take our breath away.

Scroll down to check out our Top 10 Nominees for Best Dressed at the Golden Globe Awards 2015!


Golden Globes 2015: Best Dressed Men


Highlights of the Night:


  • The stars’ top choice designer brands this year were Prada, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.
  • The bow tie was a must amongst the arrivals, with a few exceptions such as Edward Norton, David Benioff and Adrian Grenier that still rocked that carpet.
  • Obviously we expected mostly black and dark grey palettes, nevertheless there were refreshing and interesting hues such as deep blue (Matt Bomer) and raisin (Adrian Grenier). Two toned tuxedo options are becoming more popular and some great examples were the ones worn by Ethan Hawke (dark grey and black), Seth Meyers (navy and black), Matt Bomer (deep blue and black).
  • Regarding textures, aside from the classic satin details; we saw very elegant velvet choices, from lapels and bow ties to entire blazers such as the one worn by Eddie Redmayne.
  • As far as style goes, single-breasted peak lapel tuxedos were the top choice, there were also very classy slim shawl lapel tuxes that looked amazing when perfectly fitted, right Jeremy Renner? We saw some ties and white square pockets here and there and very few vests, such as the one worn by Matthew McConaughey (a controversial but style-forward look to our appreciation).


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