Emmys 2014: Our Top Best Dressed Men

The Emmys red carpet arrival is one of the most expected fashion moments of the year, and even though our female stars steal most of the best carpet moments with their dazzling numbers, our favorite gentlemen don’t stay behind.

Scroll down to check out our top picks for Best Dress Men at the Emmys 2014 ceremony.


Emmys 2014 - Our Top Best Dressed Men


Highlights of the Night:


  • This time the bow tie was a must amongst the red carpet arrivals at the Emmys 2104,  of course there were some “rebels” such as Peter Dinklage and Adam Levine that still looked amazing (let’s be honest, Adam Levine could go wearing bermudas and a hawaiian tee and still rock that carpet).



  • Aside from the usual black tux, the hue of the night was navy, and we saw very classy choices like the tuxedos worn Ty Burrel and Seth Meyers. There were also some medium and brighter blue choices such as the ones worn by Matthew McConaughey (interesting, but too retro) and Ryan Sweeting (whom, to our taste, did pull it off).


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